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System Jo 2 To Tango Couples Kit

Brand: System Jo

Model: 2 To Tango Couples Kit

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Reinvigorate your routine with this his and hers kit that’s perfect for couples. Each JO 2 to TANGO Couples Kit is made from pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients to deliver the highest quality sensual experience.

Personal Lubricant for Her: Enhance and Stimulate
• Cooling Sensation increases arousal and sensitivity
• Paraben Free, Glycerin Free
• Long lasting
• Silicone-based
• 100% Latex Safe

Personal Lubricant for Him: Prolong and Excite
• Warming Sensation increases longevity and control
• Oil-Free
• Long lasting
• Water-based
• 100% Latex Safe

Ignite your passion with System JO’s 2 To Tango Couples Kit.

Each kit includes 2 separate personal lubricants for men and women. Hers provides a cooling tingle to heighten and arouse. His offers a warming spark to prolong and excite. Together, both products stimulate each partner’s innermost desires and intensify intimacy.

Our 2 To Tango Men is water-based while 2 To Tango Women is made from silicone, so both lubricants enhance the overall sensual experience without mixing together. This means each partner enjoys a unique pleasurable sensation.

Every 2 To Tango Couples Kit is made from high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and manufactured in the US under FDA guidelines.

100% latex compatible and safe for use with non-silicone toys.

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