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Rocks-Off Love Balls

Brand: Rocks-Off

Model: Love Balls

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Why not indulge yourself and join in with one of world's fastest growing all time fantasies.

Each movement of your body will cause the Love Balls to quiver and stimulate your G-Spot, whilst they massage your vaginal muscles.

Love Balls, otherwise known as Kegel Balls, will induce an unbelievable amount of pleasure, while giving your pelvic floor muscles a tantalising and targeted work out. 

As your pelvic strength increases with the use of these lustrous Love Balls, you will discover an unexplored avenue of passion and sensual control with your partner.

Love Balls are 25mm diameter polished and drilled steel balls tied on to a silicone cord, together with a safety finger ring. For hygiene purposes these love balls are best used when placed inside a condom. Wash in warm soapy water after use.

Waterproof: no
Material: steel and silicone


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