Sale Orgie She Spot (15ml)

Orgie She Spot (15ml)

Brand: Orgie

Model: She Spot (15ml)

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With ingredients from Amazon rainforest. She spot provides delicious multiple sensations that evolve and shift during its action: tingling (vibration), coolness, warmth and a mild piquancy.

• The extraordinary Jambu, native from the Amazon rainforest, again stars in our formula with its powerful tingling vibrating action.
• Mentha Arvensis promotes excitement through its double effect, warmth which then evolves into coolness. This warm-up and cooling sensations, make Mentha a powerful G-Spot stimulator.
• Capsicum Frutescens also has a very important function in our formula: to prolong the warming effect, adding a mild piquancy that completes She Spot whirlwind of exciting sensations.

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